About Us

Modern + Cosmopolitan = Modmopolitan | Curated culture, color, pattern + print

The House:
We are here and there, high and low and a lot of what you want and sometimes can't find. A curated culture of color, pattern, and print. Modmopolitanism is the idea that all products should delight all realms of life and be of the world and not just in it. Taking disparate elements and making them cohesive.
We are on a wanderlust journey in the world of style and design. Classic and unconventional. Luxurious and eco-friendly. Style and functionality. Homeland and Global.  We serve those who seek a lifestyle of distinct goods of the all-inclusive.  

Our Belief:
Every one deserves high-quality products. We are "high and low" because we have come to find that is the typical mix of most of our closets and jewelry drawers. The most put together wardrobe is often the most diverse. This is true for style aesthetic and price.

The People: 
This is a collaborative effort of creative minds from all walks of life and interests: wellness, creative strategy, fashion, technology, interior design, and art. Essentially, the passions of people with a love design and style and how they exist in the space of our modern world.