Are you a fashion/travel/lifestyle Blogger and/or Social Media Influencer?

The Modmopolitan Co. Social Influencers Program is a mutual opportunity to have Style & Lifestyle creators like you curate your style with our products. Our influencers benefit from free products direct from our new product collections, designers, and brands. As a part of the program, you would receive 1 to 3 complimentary items every month.


Who is Modmopolitan:

We are here and there, high and low and a lot of what you want and sometimes can't find. A small batch boutique of color, pattern, and print. Mainly, handcrafted and artistically designed jewelry, handbags and seasonal accessories to surprise and delight. We design 90% of everything in-house under a number of brands and outsource the other 10% to handpicked designers and brands that share our creative vision. A lot of what you’ll find at Modmopolitan are small batch collections and one of a kind pieces. We design to elevate everyday style at the right price.


Why be apart of our Influencer family?:

We are at our core creators. Modmopolitan is a design collaborative that seeks out those who share a creative mindset and are stewards of modern style and design. We are growing our following and we are excited to see the massive feedback we’re receiving from re-launching in spring 2018. Our current focus is to work with Creators and Influencers who are also growing their following. The mission:  build lasting relationships that flourish so that as both our audiences increase we continue to work with creators who love our products and our brand.


Social Influencer Program Policy (Click at the bottom of this page to Apply)

1. Requirements & Qualifications:

Be an established influencer

  • You must have over 1,000 followers (via Instagram).
  • Have an engaged following on your Blog, Youtube or Facebook.
  • Post high resolution images your blog or Instagram Account
  • Must be at least 18
  • You do not promote hate speech. Although we are an advocate for free speech Modmopolitan as a company does not promote hate speech.

2. Membership Overview:

    • Submit your 5 item wish list by the 5th of every month. We will send an email reminder where you can add items to your wish list or we can pick a few styles on your behalf.
    • You will receive your items between the 10th-15th of the month based on availability
    • You have will up to 10 days after receiving products to post content on your blog and/or social media platforms (All members will receive a social post audit email to verify posts)
  • More details on scheduling once becoming a member
  • 3. How we use your content:

    Modmopolitan Co. reserves the right to collect photos and/or posts that contain promotion of our products from your blog and/or social media networks and repost these photos to our website, blog and social media networks. As well as use your post, reviews and communication of our products in our online marketing and direct mail marketing collateral.


    Can I actually choose from anything on your website?

    Yes! All members of the program will receive a reminder email on the 1st of every month to add 5 products to their customer account wishlist and we will fulfill that wish list based on availability. We feel this is a mutual opportunity to see what stylish influencers are really interested in and it ensures that you never get sent something you would not actually want to try and ultimately would not wear and/or promote.

    Do you also pay members for a promoted post?


    Currently, we are 100% product exchange as we are on a mission to build relationships with influencers who love our brand and our products. As we grow, we will look to engage in design collaborations where we will offer a revenue share for collaborated collections.


    Who else is a great fit for your program?


    We would love an opportunity to also work with photographers and anyone else in the content creation world. Feel free to refer your friends in the content creation space.


    I’m a blogger that lives outside of the US, do you ship internationally?


    Currently, we ship only to the continental US but will be changing this policy in early 2019.


    I’m not sure I’m ready to join the Influencer membership do you have an Affiliate Program to join while I continue to evaluate your offering?


    We are launching an affiliate program next year. Send us an email below and we’ll keep you posted.


    HAVE MORE QUESTIONS? Email us at